Code of Ethics

VPMAA Code of Ethics

1 Members shall accept responsibility for the good stewardship of pest control options and uphold the safety, health and welfare of the public when performing professional duties in the field of vertebrate pest management.
2 Members shall keep themselves informed of, and where possible use, the latest industry best practice in the professional activities.
3 Members shall, where possible and practical, use the most humane practices when controlling vertebrate pest animals (other technical factors being equal).
4 Members shall be informed of, and carry out work according to, all industry Codes of Practice and product labels.
5 Members shall always display a responsible and professional image and promote the highest standards in all business dealings; promoting courtesy, honesty, integrity and advising clients of any risks involved in the project.
6 Members shall cooperate in a friendly and helpful manner with fellow VPMAA members and assist each other where opportunities arise.
7 Members shall serve their clients with integrity, competence and objectivity and treat them with respect and courtesy.