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VPMAA Member - Invasive Species Control

About Invasive Species Control


ISC provides integrated pest management solutions for vertebrate pest control, including survey and assessment,  development of various control options, implementation of control options and follow up survey to determine success and any ongoing requirements, we have skilled licenced field technicians in addition to a comprehensive range of civil equipment for habitat removal (warren destruction etc.).


ISC specialise in all vertebrate pest control including:

  • Live trap both cage and soft jaw trapping
  • Bait control
  • Fumigation and ripping of warrens
  • ATC permit culls
  • Spotlight and thermal shooting
  • Pest removal from sensitive sites. 
  • ISC has a strong emphasis on deer control, we can provide cull and removal services or cull and process carcasses onsite for landholders.
  • Feral cat control
  • Wild dog control
  • Goats control
  • Pig control

Areas Serviced

Melbourne and country Victoria

Contact Details

Contact Name:

Tony Masters


0439 425 354