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About Wildlife Unlimited


Wildlife Unlimited Pty Ltd is an environmental company located in Bairnsdale (Victoria) providing pest animal monitoring, management and control across Eastern Victoria. Our services include:

Ground shooting

Our teams of professional, highly experienced shooters are fully equipped with thermal monoculars and firearms fitted with thermal scopes and noise suppressors. We have a range of calibres for dispatching feral deer, pigs, goats, foxes, cats and other vertebrate pests. We have a fleet of fully equipped (9x) 4WD vehicles and Polaris side x side and associated equipment to access remote areas. Our team members are fit and capable of traversing steep, difficult-to-access sites. We have rigid and inflatable canoes for water-based access and hunting. All of our hunting staff have current S37 permits to carry firearms in National Parks.


Our team is qualified and highly experienced in the use of 1080, PAPP and Hoggone to target foxes and feral pigs on a local or landscape scale as required. We have excellent skills in the habitats and tracks and traces monitoring (scats, tracks, fur, diggings etc.) of target and non-target species. We have the knowledge to assist clients with the best design of baiting programs to avoid sensitive habitats and allow for the quick identification of non-targets and efficient deployment of baits to avoid multiple takes and bait caching.


We have over 15 years-experience cage trapping and removing feral cats, particularly in Alpine environments, to protect significant species of wildlife. We have over 50 large cage traps with custom-built covers.

Camera Monitoring

We have over 200 latest model Reconyx remote cameras for large scale deployment. We are specialists in targeted deployment of cameras for individual identification, species recognition, or landscape. Our staff are all trained in the effective deployment of cameras to avoid false-triggering and other We have the skills to collate and efficiently tag all images using Exifpro or other tagging software of all species of vertebrate pest.

Our pest management unit is supported by a team of qualified field ecologists, providing us with an edge in predicting animal behaviour and ensuring that all works are conducted in an environmentally sensitive manner.

Areas Serviced

Bairnsdale and surrounding areas

Contact Details

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Jim Reside


0427 526 367