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VPMAA Member - All-round Pest Solutions

About All-round Pest Solutions


The services All-round pest solutions offer are for rural and agricultural farm pest eradication. Services include eradication of vermin including but not limited to rats, mice ,and bird control, (with permits if needed) . We also offer programs for rabbit, fox, wild dogs, feral cats, feral pigs, goats, problem deer and native animals (strictly under permit only). All programs are based on an assessment which could include one or all of these implemented measures baiting, trapping, shooting and fumigation.

All-round pest solutions has a commercial operators licence and are fully insured. All these attributes facilitate a streamlined process enabling us to tailor a suitable program that suits the requirements of the task at hand.


We now offer Australia wide services for:

Targeted controls of rabbits, foxes, feral cats, wild dogs, camels, donkeys, feral pigs, deer, goats, rats, mice,  birds ( permit may be required ) large  dangerous wild game, kangaroos for human consumption and also ducks.

Under permits only,   we also offer smaller scale weed spraying.

Areas Serviced

Victoria and Southern Nsw

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Scott Roycroft