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About Selective Pest Control


Selective Pest Control is proudly an Australian Army veteran-owned business based in the Barossa Valley.  We have earned a reputation for being professional and reliable team players.  Our work ethic is based on safety first, integrity and efficiency.  A demonstrated long history of achieving outstanding results with many local government, SA Police and NGO contracts around the state. Whether you’re a small business in the city with a pigeon problem, a regional council, a station manager with a camel or pig issue, agribusiness or a large commercial organisation, we can work with you to create a pest control program tailored to your specific set of circumstances. We pride ourselves in being discreet and professional as well as producing measurable outcomes.

 A specialist in invasive feral animals and over abundant herbivore pest destruction by means of shooting and cage trapping. We are focused primarily on conservation outcomes by protecting high-value biodiversity assets as well as cost-effective protection of food production and commercial properties. Being multi-skilled as commercial drone pilots, we have the advantage of using thermal imagery from the sky to survey difficult landscapes and thus save time and money.

Areas Serviced

South Australia (primarily), Northern Territory and Victoria.

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James Reeves


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Williamstown, SA, 5351