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Abzeco is based in Eltham, Melbourne and offers a wide range of services including Applied Botany, Zoology and Ecological Consulting.

Email: richardfrancis@abzeco.com.au

Telephone: 03 9431 5444

Website: http://abzeco.com.au

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Acacia Pest Control

Acatia Pest Control specialises in controlling Rabbits, Foxes and Deer in Greater Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast regions and surrounds.

Email: cameron@acaciapestcontrol.com.au

Phone: 1300 257 564

Website: https://www.acaciapestcontrolgeelong.com.au

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All-round Pest Solutions

The services All-round pest solutions offer are for rural and agricultural farm pest eradication. Services include eradication of vermin including but not limited to rats, mice ,and bird control, (with permits if needed) . We also offer programs for rabbit, fox, wild dogs, feral cats, feral pigs, goats, problem deer and native animals (strictly under permit only). All programs are based on an assessment which could include one or all of these implemented measures baiting, trapping, shooting and fumigation.

Email: info@vermincontroller.com.au

Phone: 0418357520

Website: https://vermincontroller.com.au/

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A F Douglas P/L (Weedneeds)

A. F. Douglas P/L (Weedneeds) is located in Eltham in Melbourne and provide weed and pest animal management services to a wide range of clients.

Telephone: 0418 538 421

Email: weedneeds@bigpond.com.au

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Animal Control Technologies Australia

Animal Control Technologies Australia is Australia’s leading research and manufacturing company specialising in control of vertebrate pest animals including foxes, wild dogs, feral pigs, rabbits, plague mice, plague rats, some invasive ant species and cane toads.


Phone: 03 9308 9688

Website: https://animalcontrol.com.au

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Bait’Em Trap’Em Shoot’Em Vermin Control

Bait’Em Trap’Em Shoot’Em Vermin Control is located in Wonthaggi (Victoria) and provides vertebrate pest removal services.

Telephone: 0408 260 292

Email: 0408 260 292

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Ballistic Training Solutions Pty Ltd

Registered National Training Organisation (41097) providing Government, Industry and Local Clients with Environmental Conservation and Safety Qualifications tailored to industry and specific workplace needs.

Specialising in Firearms Safety, Humane Destruction, Conservation & Land Management, Agricultural Chemical Distribution Control and Aerial Platform training. We have the accredited industry training program for you and your team.

Email: info@ballistic.edu.au

Telephone: 1300 738 098

Website: http://www.ballistic.edu.au

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Craigs Environment and Property Service

Over 20 years experience in the environmental sector (including conserving National Parks, Local Government and private land); and 30 years shooting experience.

Email: craigseps@gmail.com

Phone: 0418 773 018

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Foxabbit are farm pest eradication specialists. We are able to manage all your pest animal problems including foxes, rabbits, vermin such as rats and mice, kangaroos (with the appropriate permits), feral dogs and cats. The problem is assessed and the appropriate control techniques are implemented including baiting, fumigation, trapping and shooting (including spotlighting).

Email: foxabbit@bigpond.com

Mobile: 0438 776 997

Website: http://foxabbit.com.au/

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Gotchya Pest Control

Gotchya Pest Control is located in Gembrook and conduct thorough inspections and survey’s of the area, provide you with an integrated pest management action plan, detailed maps and co-ordinates! Our control methods and competitive pricing. Using the right tools we can monitor, evaluate and asses the results and provide regular follow-ups and control measures. We are able to manage all your pest animal problems including foxes, rabbits, vermin such as rats and mice, feral goats, native animals (with the appropriate permits), feral dogs and cats.

Email: steve@gotchyapc.com.au

Mobile: 0418 774 899

Website: http://www.gotchyapc.com.au

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Hunter Land Management

Hunter Land Management delivers integrated pest and land management services to a wide variety of clients. Our services include monitoring, management plan development. baiting, trapping, shooting of all types. We are able to deliver detailed scientific reports and GIS Mapping of all project undertaken. We have 20 years experience in the industry.

Email: daniel.lewer@hlmaus.com.au

Mobile: 0412 404 499

Website: https://hunterlandmanagement.com.au/

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Jensan Farm Services

Feral and Pest Animal control contractors, specialist rabbit control equipment manufacturers and distributors plus Vegetation Management services. Jensan Farm Services provide broadacre boom spraying services for pasture, cropping and lucerne across a wide area of Central and Western Victoria as well as pest animal control throughout the state and into NSW.

Email: jensan@netconnect.com.au

Phone: 0418 532 808

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Joudi Enterprises P/L

Joudi Enterprises is located in Kerang (Victoria) and provides vertebrate pest removal services.

Telephone: 0419 106 062

Email: joudi@bigpond.com

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Kevin Grise – Fox Removal Melbourne

Kevin Grisé has 30 years experience in fox control. Specialising in the soft jaw trapping of foxes in Suburban areas. Also licensed for baiting and fumigation. Located in Melbourne South East Suburbs & Rural Communities

Email: kevingrise@escapenet.com.au

Mobile: 0433 706 605

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Melbourne Wildlife & Pest Control

Melbourne Wildlife & Pest Control is located in Kinglake outside Melbourne and provides vertebrate pest removal services.

Telephone: 0438 726 400

Email: dawsy@dodo.com

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Mid North Coast Rural Pest Management

MNCRPM is located on the north coast of NSW between Coffs Harbour and Grafton. Services include soft jaw trapping and ground shooting of all pest species. Specialising in wild dog management. Licensed and insured.

Email: mncrpm@gmail.com

Phone: 0417 299 284

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Mike’s Feral Pest Control

We specialise in the humane destruction and removal of all vertebrate pest species, by means of trapping and shooting in Gippsland.

Email: mikesferalpestcontrol@gmail.com

Phone: 0434 430 310

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Paul Bertuch

Paul Bertuch is located in Mornington and provides vertebrate pest management services.

Telephone: 0488 762 179

Email: eco-agri@bigpond.com

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Pest Animal Management QLD

Pest Animal Management Queensland was established in 2001 to provide Qld land managers with humane and effective solutions to pest and feral animal problems.

Telephone: 0411 822 800

Email: pamqld@optusnet.com.au

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Pest Register Infestation Tracking

Pest Register Infestation Tracking is located in Kilmore outside of Melbourne and provides pest infection alarm and tracking software application known as the “Pest Register”.

Telephone: 03 9016 8548

Email: aaron@pestregister.com

Website: https://pestregister.com/

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Peter Wright

Peter Wright is an operator with 20 years experience in fox and rabbit control. Specialising in soft jaw trapping of foxes and feral cats, also licensed for baiting.

Telephone: 0428 329 594

Email: pjwright@dcsi.net.au

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Predcon Pty Ltd

Predcon Pty. Ltd. is located in Kallista in Melbourne and provides vertebrate pest management services.

Telephone: 0408 173 955

Email: predcon@eftel.net.au

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Professional Shooting Services

A rural business located in the South West Slopes (NSW), dedicated to providing professional vertebrate pest management solutions to rural, semi-rural, commercial and government clients in NSW, ACT and VIC, whilst bringing employment to the bush.

Email: info@proshooter.com.au

Phone: 02 5925 5440

Website: https://www.proshooter.com.au

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SR & BE Atkins

SR & BE Atkins are is located in Ormaston (Tasmania) and provides forestry and agriculture wildlife population reduction.

Telephone: 0427 352 325

Email: stevenatkins@intas.net.au

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Timberscope Pty Ltd

Promoting healthy and resilient ecological landscapes and native habitat conditions through the control of feral predator and pest animals to reduce detrimental impacts on native flora and fauna. Programs are carefully designed to avoid off target damage and tailored for each client to best meet on-ground conditions and individual client needs.

Timberscope Director, Rod Brindley has many years of on-ground experience in feral animal control, having undertaken fox, rabbit, cat and introduced rat control programs for Government, business and private clients. Past and present clients include Mornington Peninsula, Casey and Frankston City Councils, Parks Victoria, Landcare and private landholders.

Based on the Mornington Peninsula, Timberscope concentrates on protecting the natural environment of south-east Victoria, however, for suitable clients, services are available for programs throughout the state.

Telephone: 0410 492 191

Email: timber.scope.rb@gmail.com

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Tim Bloomfield

Tim Bloomfield is located in Sunbury outside Melbourne and provides vertebrate pest removal services.

Telephone: 0439 101 631

Email: environment_first@msn.com

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Vermin No More

Vermin No More is located in Strathbogie (Victoria) and provides vertebrate pest removal services.

Telephone: 0428 845 945

Email: ferndale_3666@bigpond.com

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Wildlife Resources Australia

Wildlife Resources Australia is located in Wangaratta (Victoria) and provides vertebrate pest removal services.

Telephone: 0411 440 115

Email: wildlife.resources@bigpond.com

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Wildlife Unlimited

Wildlife Unlimited is located in Bairnsdale (Victoria) and provides vertebrate pest removal services.

Telephone: 0427 526 367

Email: wildlifeunlimited@wideband.net.au

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Wildtec is located in Teesdale and provides vertebrate pest management services.

Telephone: 0407 973 520

Email: pharoah2@bigpond.com

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Wild Thing Vermin

Professional Vermin Control of Rabbits, Foxes, Feral Cats, Wild Dogs, Pigs, goats, Deer and More. Kangaroos Culling ONLY Under Permit.

Telephone: 0407 973 520

Email: wildthingvermin@gmail.com

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